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With 100,000 homes in Hull and the East Riding at risk of flooding our ambition is to invest in blue green infrastructure schemes to increase surface water flood resilience.

In delivering the Living with Water schemes, we aim to involve residents and communities to co-create what the flood schemes will look like. This project is modelling a range of sustainable drainage solutions (SuDS) in Derringham to reduce the likelihood of flooding in the future.

SuDS aim to mimic natural drainage by slowing and capturing the water flow and holding excess water during a heavy rainfall event.

Derringham suds

Derringham suds

Whilst the SuDS will be maintained by the LWW partnership, they will be put in place so that they improve the livelihood of the local community whilst also acting as a flood attenuation process.

Derringham was badly impacted by the flood of 2007 and we are working with community groups residents and key stakeholders to understand more about how communities use the green spaces in Derringham, and how they could provide a surface water flood risk solution in peak rain events. As well as managing flood risk, SuDS may also help reduce pollution and enhance biodiversity.

We have been conducting various consultation events since November 2022 on our wider plan for sustainable drainage and have been encouraged by the residents views and support with our schemes.

From November 2023 work will start on 3 aquagreens in the green spaces around Moorhouse Road, Coventry Street and Manor Road. We will be excavating large amounts of soil, so Hull City Council street team will be working with us to keep the street clean.

There will be some requirements to close sections of these roads for a short time to safely work on the connections between the highway and the sustainable drainage being installed. we will write to residents who are directly impacted with this closure and letters can be found on this page too.

From January 2024 we will be surveying other sites around the Derringham area and there is a helpful map at the bottom of this page of those locations.

During the period of work on our first phase of the SuDS, we will hold regular drop ins at Priory Baptist Church 1pm -3pm on the following dates:


January 3rd, 17th & 31st

February 14th & 28th

March 13th & 27th

April 10th & 24th

You can see the technical aspects of the scheme in progress and talk to the Living with Water team in more detail about the work. They will also be on hand to capture any incidents of flooding you may have witnessed in your area and answer any questions about the work you may have.

For schemes still being surveyed, we will again write to residents in those impacted area at an appropriate time to share with them the programme of works.

Click here to see the residents questions from previous consultation events.

Proposed before and after

Frequently asked questions

1. When would the work start?

Construction will start in Autumn 2023 but will be holding customer drop- ins prior to any schemes starting and letters will be sent out to all residents informing them of works

2. What work is taking place currently in my area?

We are currently undertaking some physical works as part of surveys, which will include drilling trial holes around the area. There may be some minor disruptions to walkways but impact to roads should be minimal.

Green spaces adjacent to or in proximity to Moorhouse Road, Coventry Street and Manor Rd will start work in November 2023.

The works proposed involve creating some simple storage areas consisting of a dry basin in the green open spaces to the rear of your properties. These will take and store water in times of excessive rainfall. At present the low spots, where water flows to and ponds, is frequently property as the thresholds are lower than adjacent roads. The 10fts will be reprofiled and used to channel water from the road to the green spaces where the water would be safely held and discharged at a slow rate once the receiving system has the capacity.

    3. Will there be any disruptions to traffic routes?

    Some partial road closure will be in place, however we will inform residents in advance and ensure clear directions are signposted

    4. How long will the work take?

    We anticipate the work will take no longer than 6 months from the start of the scheme build.

    5. What is surface water flooding?

    Surface water flooding happens when rainwater does not drain away through the normal drainage systems or soak into the ground, but lies on or flows over the ground instead, causing potential risks of flooding to properties.

    6. Who is responsible for the scheme?

    The scheme will be a Living with Water scheme, meaning the parties involved in the Partnership (Yorkshire Water, Hull City Council, Environment Agency, East Riding of Yorkshire Council) would be responsible for parts of or all of the works.

    7. Will it cost me any money?

    The scheme will not cost the resident any money. It is funded through the Living with Water Partnership which in turn has received money from the government to put in place schemes to provide blue and green infrastructure in Hull to mitigate flooding.

    8. Will it affect my parking?

    Some parking spaces may be closed off for short period to allow plant machinery access, but will be reinstated as quick as possible, to minimise disruption.

    9. Will it affect playgrounds and recreational areas?

    We are looking to utilise areas such as large playing fields as detention basins so that they can be used to store excess water during a heavy rainfall event. When there is a normal level or no rainfall then the areas can be used as normal.

    10. Will you need to come into my home?

    As part of ongoing surveys, there may be a request to come into or close to your property. We will at all times, write to you in advance and ensure all personnel visiting the property have the relevant ID badges and paperwork. If you have any concerns, please phone 0344 848 1099 quoting scheme code YW.203080

    11. Why are you digging up various locations around Derringham?

    During our CCTV investigation works, we are excavating to gain access through the gullies which will enable us to carryout the CCTV works safely, once we obtain access and carryout the CCTV investigation works we then backfill the holes.

    There might be rare occasions where we might find it difficult to get access through the excavations and need to continue the following day which means the excavated hole is left safely until works can proceed the following day.

    Our plan and process is still to excavate, proceed with getting all the CCTV data required, back fill and then move onto the next planned location. I will talk to our site team to make sure we liaise and update local residence if ever we need to leave an excavation for the day in order to conclude works the following day.

    12. How can I contact you?

    You can contact us by calling 0344 848 1099 quoting scheme code YW.203080

    or email us

    Please see documents below for further information:


    Yorkshire Water

    Environment Agency

    Hull City Council

    East Riding of Yorkshire Council

    University of Hull

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